This page is a draft and is subject to change. The association is not yet registered and we are still considering options on how and where it should be. To help us develop these statutes or the association you can join us in the Biweekly Nordic RSE meeting.

Statutes of the Association in English

  1. Name and domicile of the association The name of the association is the Nordic Research Software Engineers Ry and it is domiciled in Helsinki, Finland

  2. Purpose and forms of activity The purpose of the association is to support research software engineering and scientific computing.

    The association fulfills its purpose by

    • maintaining a network of research software engineers and other similar specialists and representing that network to others
    • hosting events for members and the surrounding community
    • supporting training and professional development in related skills for members and the surrounding community
    • recognizing significant contributions to research software engineering and related fields
    • advocating for research software engineers and engineering
    • Other activities in the public interest promoting research software and scientific computing

    In order to support its activities, the association may accept and manage funds according to relevant permits and own property.

  3. Membership and membership fee The board decides whether an annual membership fee is collected and the size of the fee.

  4. Board The association's affairs are handled by the board, which has a chair and 3-8 other regular members, as well as 0-8 deputies, all of whom are appointed at the annual meeting. The term of office of the Board is the time between the annual meetings.

  5. Signing the name of the association The name of the association is signed by the chair of the board, vice chair, secretary or treasurer, separately.

  6. Accounting period The association's accounting period is one calendar year.

  7. Association meetings The association's annual meeting is held annually on a day determined by the board in March-July. At the annual meeting, a decision is made on approving the financial statements and granting discharge from liability to the board and other responsible parties, the chair of the board and other members are elected and in addition one or two auditors and their deputies.

    The board shall convene the association's annual meeting and any additional meetings it may deem necessary no later than seven days before the meeting by announcing of the associations web site and sending a letter of invitation to each member by e-mail.

    Remote participation in the meetings is arranged without request. The meetings are held in English.

  8. Amendment of statutes and dissolution of the association Decisions on amendments to the statutes of the association and on the dissolution of the association shall be made at the association's meeting with a three quarters (3/4) majority vote. The vote on amending the statutes or dissolving the association must be mentioned in the letter of invitation. If the association is dissolved, the association's assets are used to promote the association's purpose in a way determined by an association meeting.

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