RSE activities in Finland

The RSE Finland group is an active segment of Nordics-RSE. Members come from all corners of the Finnish scientific landscape and we are trying to help researchers and others developing software for research by offering workshops and a platform for information exchange in Finland. For more information about what we do, see the general communities page.

To discuss matters concerning upcoming workshops in Finland, and also to get to know each other better, we organize a weekly virtual coffee break, see below. Everyone with an interest in the topic is warmly welcome to join :)


Discuss with other RSEs on the CodeRefinery chat (Join the #finland and #nordic-rse streams using the gear icon by the steams list on the left side). This is a public chat and everybody is welcome to join - whether to suggest ideas or just listen.

Weekly virtual coffee break

There is no virtual coffee break on December 24th

The RSE Finland group invites all interested in research software engineering to the weekly online coffee break at 10:00 (Europe/Helsinki) every Thursday. The coffee break is an informal meeting, open for everyone to discuss with and listen to others interested in research software engineering. We currently have no pre-decided topics, but never run out of things to say.

Language: English

Host: Jarno Rantaharju (Dept. of Physics, University of Helsinki)

To participate, join our Zoom chat: (Zoom ID 624 2684 5282).