• Conference 2024: In May we met at Aalto University in Espoo, Finland Nordic RSE conference for our first in-person conference. We met with about 30 RSE and RSE interested people to learn, network and discuss. Blog post coming soon!

Who we are

A Research Software Engineer (RSE) is someone in between research and technology (software, computing, data). Perhaps they work as a expert within a research group, or perhaps they work as a specialist in a service that supports other researchers. Does this sound like you? Read on...

The Nordic Research Software Engineers association hopes to promote the careers of RSEs and the advancement of science by:

  • being a networking platform for specialized research supporters,
  • provide a community and professional development network for RSEs (in particular supporting career development),
  • organizing events to bring RSEs and related people together, and
  • support whose who want to bring RSE services and skills to their community (in other words, provide a RSE service).

We are a young organization and there is plenty of room to get involved with your own ideas - please get in touch.

Many of us are active in CodeRefinery, which focuses on teaching RSE-like skills to researchers.

  • Nordic HPC was an attempt to bring together people from computing facilities in the Nordics (not just HPC). It is not very active now, and also a separate activity.

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