Who we are

This is the website of the Nordic Research Software Engineers association. We do or want to do the following:

  • We currently informally meet, talk, and plan events.
  • Provide a community and professional development network for RSEs.
  • Organize Nordic-RSE conference every two years
  • Periodic community chats
  • Assistance in starting RSE groups

We are still just beginning - if you have ideas for activities we should organize, get in touch.

We are related to (but different from) the following other groups, and share a chat platform with them:

  • CodeRefinery is about teaching. Nordic-RSE has grown out of people involved in CodeRefinery, but CodeRefinery is not a major project of Nordic-RSE.

  • Nordic HPC was an attempt to bring together people from computing facilities in the Nordics (not just HPC). It is not very active now, and also a separate activity.

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