Seminar report: Package Development in Julia

August 18, 2021

On August 18th 2021 we started our (to be) monthly Research Software Seminar Series with Luca Ferranti from University of Vaasa giving insights in Package development with Julia. 9 interested learners + host and speaker joined the zoom call for about 3 hours. Luca had set up the session in a way that everyone who wants can type along with him. All material can be found in this github repository and the Agenda and Q&A here. Topics captured were the Julia REPL and how to use and create environments. Luca showed us his general workflow for creating packages from scratch, which gave a good starting point for people to develop their own Julia packages. Also tips and tricks for testing and documenting Julia packages were covered. Nordic-RSE thanks Luca for a super interesting and engaging seminar workshop! The recording of this seminar will soon be available on Nordic-RSE youtube channel.