Share the event

Do you want to share the unconference event with your colleagues/friends? Here are a few texts that you can reuse, feel also free to modify them as you like.

Short teaser

Nordic-RSE invites everyone interested in "Research Software Engineering"
activities to join & shape the agenda of the Nordic-RSE unconference
(lightweight get-together) on October 18-19. See for more details.

Longer teaser

- Are you developing software or tools that are driven by research/engineering in either academia or industry?
- Need to network, share knowledge and experiences with your peers?
- Maybe you have heard of something called research software engineers and you would like to know more?

Nordic-RSE invites everyone interested in such topics to join our online
unconference (lightweight get-together) on October 18 and 19, where we let the
participants shape the agenda ("birds of a feather").

Next, the floor is yours! Come sharing your work and/or listening what others
have been doing. Submit proposals and find out more at: