Joining Nordic-RSE

We will soon make it possible to join a list and to list all members and to plot members on a map with links to Twitter, GitHub/GitLab, personal websites, and projects.

By joining the community, you will stay informed about our work and will have the chance to contact people like you from all corners of the research world. The more members that we have, the easier it will be to prove the impact of the Research Software Engineering community and influence the decisions that affect us.

Join the discussion

  • Discuss with other RSEs on the CodeRefinery chat (nordic-rse stream). This is a public chat and everybody is welcome to join. This is the place where we discuss RSE events in the Nordics and you are most welcome to open new “topic” threads, ask questions, and network.
  • Follow us on Twitter.

Contact the organisers

Members of core team:

  • Radovan Bast, High Performance Computing Group, UiT The Arctic University of Norway
  • Anne Fouilloux, IT Group Department of Geosciences, University of Oslo
  • Radek Lonka, RSE at Digital Laboratory, Industrial Ecology Programme, NTNU Trondheim
  • Konstantin Stadler, Manager and Lead Researcher of the Digital Laboratory, Industrial Ecology Programme, NTNU Trondheim
  • K. Thor Wikfeldt, PDC Center for High-Performance Computing, KTH, Stockholm
  • Jarno Rantaharju, Researcher at the University of Helsinki

We will be happy to have more people joining the core team!

Email to get in contact with the NORDIC RSE organisers.