Community map of research software engineers in the Nordics

How to get added

You can add yourself or your group to this map by sending a pull request changing the data file.

Who can be included? We don't strictly define it right now, but welcome anyone who feels a connection to the research software engineering spirit. You don't have to have an "RSE" job title, or even be recognized for your software expertise, but you should feel it relates to your current or future career somehow.

Here you find documentation about the required and optional data fields.


This map is a publication, and we are supporting your explicit choice to express your professional information to the world. By submitting to this map, you are choosing that your data is made public without special privacy protection. However the data itself is licensed under the CC-BY-SA license. We publish your information on your behalf until you request it be removed from the current version, but we won't alter the Git history. We may contact you to keep things up to date or let you know of events.