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About the get-together and future of Nordic-RSE

Samantha Wittke

  • History of Nordic RSE
  • Why it makes sense
  • Connect with Nordic-RSEs
  • Future of Nordic-RSE
  • The Nordic-RSE conference 2021
  • Meetup organizers
  • Agenda highlights


Questions and comments

  • Why zulip? :D why not Slack!
    • threaded discussions (every topic is a thread). good for asynchronous work and remote work. ( and
    • Plus, it's Open Source :smile:
      • :+1:
      • can be self-hosted
    • Also, messages are stored for longer (at least with a non-paid plan).
      • unsure about this but as open source or non-profit projects one can apply for a free premium plan (keeping entire history) which worked for us for a couple of chat instances
        • Slack only stores 10k messages, while there seems to be no limit in Zulip. From personal experience (for whatever that is worth), messages disappear much quicker in Slack than in Zulip (the Slack channels I'm in are also way less active than the Zulip channels).

Fair enough, after reading the responses and digging a bit more into the Zulip it seems there are number of essential features that makes the app more efficient to use compared to Slack. Still, there's a resistence and that's the fact that already most of the work is done on Slack and many people already are using it, it is not convenient to have some other apps as satellites around your main messaging app. Moreover, I thought for a community such as Nordic-RSE that is trying to attract more members and activity would probably makes more sense to use a more common messaging app, nevertheless, thanks for the responses and introducing Zulip with us all, I'll give it a shot ;)

  • good point about yet another tool/app.
  • little downside: on mobile phone it was less good/responsive than Slack few years ago when I tried last time. I am using it on computer browser always.
  • Wonder how many here already use Slack compared to Zulip
    • Don't forget MS Teams, which is the "official" one here at UiO! Just don't get me started on how much it lags behind Slack...
    • These days most know and use Slack and very few know and use Zulip. So it is still niche but I think this tool was a good choice for the CodeRefinery project.
  • How is Zulip integration with other apps (specifically Dropbox, Google Cloud and Todoist) when compared to Slack?
    • Here is an overview but I have only tried GitHub integration so far
      • Thanks for the link. I see there's no Todoist yet. The others I mentioned are there, but that doesn't say much about how well that works.

For the reference and comparison of other options from

  • What are you expecting from this meeting?
    • See what others are doing around Nordics, what cool tools they are using and what types of problems they are solving.
    • Would be interesting to see what career paths exists in other groups / universities.