Nordic-RSE Get together online event, Nov 30 - Dec 2, 2020

Our main Nordic-RSE conference has been postponed due to COVID-19 situation but you are all invited to our first online Get together event. We plan on an afternoon keynote session on Nov 30th, followed by days of talks on Dec 1-2 (mornings for workshops and talks, afternoons for discussions).


You can register here.


All times are in Central European Time.

Monday, November 30th:

  • 14:00 Introduction to Nordic-RSE
  • 14:10 Keynote: Alys Brett (Title TBA)
  • 14:40 Keynote: CodeRefinery (Title TBA)
  • 15:10 About the get-together and future of Nordic-RSE
  • 15:30 Close

Tuesday, 1 December:

  • 9:00 Lightning talks
  • 10:00 Coffee/freeform conversation
  • 10:30 Talks/workshops/events (TBA)
  • 11:30 Lunch break
  • 12:30 Discussion sessions
  • 15:00 Close

Wednesday, 2 December:

  • 9:00 Panel session
  • 10:00 Coffee/freeform conversation
  • 10:30 Talks/workshops/events (TBA)
  • 11:30 Lunch/freeform conversation
  • 12:30 Discussion sessions
  • 15:00 Close

Proposal submissions

Abstract submission form is open. Submission deadline: 9th November 2020, 23:59 CET.

Examples of types of events that can be proposed:

  • Lightning talks: (2 minutes)

    Lightning talks are presentations that are limited to a maximum of 2 minutes and no more than 2 slides including any title slide. They allow you to introduce your group or give a high-level overview of a project.

  • Talks: (20 minutes)

    A regular talk provides the opportunity to go into more detail in presenting your work, a technical idea or an example of using a software tool or library. There is also the opportunity to get feedback through questions from the audience. The talk it self should be at most 20 minutes and 10 minute will be reserved for question and discussion after the talk.

  • Reprohacks (120 minutes with break)

    Propose a research paper and try to reproduce the results. There is no better way to learn what is needed for reproducible research, and what you might be missing, than to pick a paper and try to recreate it. At the workshop we will work in small groups on individual publications and see how far we get.

  • Crash Course (60 minutes)

    Run a teaching workshop introducing a useful tool or an interesting theoretical topic. This could be a combination of demonstrations, short talks, discussion, panel sessions and so on.

  • Discussions or panels (60 minutes)

    Propose a topic of conversation to develop an idea or seek experiences and opinions. The submitter should chair the conversation to keep it productive.

  • Collaborative blog post (60 minutes)

    A more formal discussion that produces a blog post as an end result. Topics would be pitched in advance.

  • Other

    Do you have something in mind that does not fit easily into these categories? Suggest any other contributions here.