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Closing Statements

Jarno Rantaharju


  • Thanks to all contributors, organizers and keynote speakers
    • Especially Samantha, Richard, Thor, Jeremy, Radovan, Naoe for technical setup
  • Highlights from the notes
    • Great intro to the international RSE movement and to RSEs on Monday, thanks Alys Brett, Richard and Samantha
    • Good introductions to groups and projects
      • several expanding RSE groups
    • Several technical tools and topics
      • The further we go, the more we can focus on sharing experiences and tools
      • Great to see interest in these discussions!
    • We will try to make all slides/contributions findable and accessible
      • authors: please send us the DOI or the pdf version
    • Interesting and inspiring panels session.
    • What the Nordic RSE should do?
      • Build an identity. Create a network with local hubs.
        • About local hubs: multiple things need to happen on university level
      • Build a network, connect RSEs who are currently only connected to researchers in a field
        • Have a more specific definitions of RSE
        • Job board (separate from CR chat?)
      • Give feedback to national and Nordic organisations (funders, for example)
      • Collection of resources on the website (to hands of scicomp, citation file format …)
  • It is easy to see the problems. We should implement solutions.
    • Make good, well designed tools that also professors will use.
    • Use and advocate for best practices
  • Ask for feedback
  • Invite everyone to
    • Biweekly meetings
    • Coffee breaks for more freeform chats