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Collecting ideas/suggestions for Nordic RSE conference in May

This was an unconference session, a discussion added to the agenda during the workshop.

  • I haven’t prepared this and maybe it was discussed already somewhere

Questions and comments

  • May 27 and 28, 2021, Stockholm
  • 1 auditorium (150-200), 2 workshop rooms for 30 people and a number of smaller rooms booked
  • common social area can be used


  • offer different tracks with a good balance
  • training tracks: RSE's role as a trainer and supporter
  • consider inviting persons from funding agencies ("how can we fund 'invisible' but important work?") +1
    • also university HR/ management; to avoid a too one-sided discussion if only RSEs are in the room
  • invite representatives from other "chapters" to share lessons learned +1
  • hearing about/from journals like JOSS +1
  • open science should be included as a topic
  • interface with CarpentryConnect conference (collocated)
  • invite managers and policy makers who have success stories in the RSE area +1

theme suggestions:

  • "software in research"

how to announce it outside of our "bubble":

  • consider calling the press (press offices at Unis)
  • at the places where startups advertize
  • unions for researchers and engineers
  • newsletters via computing centers


  • better many short hackmds rather one long hackmd