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What do you expect from Nordic RSE?

Jarno Rantaharju

The Nordic RSE group is new. This is a great time to take part in the active development of the organization by making sure your voice is heard. We need your help in deciding what is important for the organization to do and what kind of an organization we should aim for.

For inspiration, you can check out the websites of other RSE associations:

The purpose of this discussion is to solicit input from prospective members of the Nordic RSE group.

a) What kind of activities they think would be useful?

  • Advocating for X (value of good software, ...)
  • Networking opportunities, workshops
  • Exchanging skills
  • Formalizing the profession (create career structure)

b) How the group should be organized?

  • Registered association
  • Professional organization
  • Something else

Questions / discussion prods:

  • Do you consider yourself an RSE? Who is an RSE?
  • Would you join the Nordic RSE organization? Are you a member?
  • Why would you join as a member?
  • If you have joined other professional associations, what have they done for you?