Nordic-RSE online unconference 2022

October 18-19, 13:00 - 16:00 CEST (with optional social time)

Our first Nordic-RSE online unconference was a success and we are pleased to announce that we are planning the next Nordic-RSE unconference which will be held online on October 18-19, 2022.

Nordic-RSE invites anyone who develop software or tools and are driven by research/engineering in either academia or industry. It is a great opportunity to network, share knowledge and experiences with your peers.

The program will consist mainly of your contributions and we encourage you to submit a short abstract for a discussion topic, talk, demonstration, or any other type of program you would like to run beforehand (instructions below). But we will also collect on-site suggestions for contributions. No need to plan too much ahead! Stay tuned for updates!


Please register at At registration time we will also ask you whether there is any discussion or presentation topic that you would like see happen or help to facilitate.

Format and scope

We would like this event to be an informal space for exchanging ideas and experiences, learning something new, and networking with people of the same interest group. You do not have to be a research software engineer or a researcher or a software engineer nor do you have to be in or be related to the Nordics. Everyone interested in RSE activities is welcome and encouraged to participate and shape the event to what you would like it to be!

The Nordic-RSE team will provide:

  • Code of Conduct
  • Support and infrastructure and give a short overview of the Nordic-RSE activities
  • Zoom (with breakout rooms for unconference sessions)
  • Collaborative documents (HackMD)
  • Streaming and recording (opt-in)
  • Continuing conversation on our Zulip chat before, during, and after the event


You can contribute not only with sessions you would like to present or lead but also by requesting what session you would like to happen and helping others organizing their sessions. You can do this by commenting here. As an informal event, we welcome any kind of contribution which respects the Code of Conduct. Please also have a look at our time slot suggestions.

Here are some examples to spark ideas:

  • Discussion topics: is software, research software community or research software engineer something close to your heart? Come chatting with other enthusiasts!
  • Demonstrations: show us some tools or software that you like
  • Workshop or ReproHacks (max 3 hours in a day)
  • Talks: teach us something new
  • On-going projects: share with others something unfinished and almost working that you would like to get feedback on
  • Something else: is there something you would like to share with others that does not fit any of the previous points? We are looking forward to hearing about it!

Another great way to get inspiration is to check what we have done last year during the first Nordic-RSE Unconference.

You may also come and chat with us in the Zulip chat, where we can figure out contributions together.

By submitting a contribution you agree that:

  • Your name and abstract of the contribution will be published in our program
  • Your contribution respects the Code of Conduct


Our agenda is based on and will evolve with your contributions!

Tuesday, October 18

(all times in CEST)

  • 13:00 : Welcome and introduction to the unconference format: HackMD, proposing sessions, scheduling
  • 13:15 : Invited talks (Chair: TBA) Suggested topics, speakers TBA
    • 13:15 : TBA
    • 13:35 : How do skills learned during a PhD translate to industrial and professional work? (title TBA)
    • 13:55 : Break
    • 14:05 : RSE: policies, trends and tendencies (title TBA), Sanna Isabel Ulfsparre
      • As Europe transitions into open science and FAIR research data management, new platforms and possibilities for professional development emerge. Sanna Isabel Ulfsparre, librarian at Umeå university library, will talk about policy, trends and tendencies relevant to research software developers who want to further specialise in RSE.
    • 14:25 : Digital humanities as a technical career path (title TBA)
  • 14:45 : Introduction to Nordic-RSE
  • 15:00 : Break
  • 15:10 : Unconference session 1
  • 16:00 : Close
  • Zoom remains open for Social time until ~18:00

Wednesday, October 19

(all times in CEST)

  • 13:00 : Introduction to the day and unconference scheduling
  • 13:10 : Unconference session 2
  • 14:20 : Break
  • 14:40 : Unconference session 3
  • 15:50 : Conclusion and follow-up
  • 16:00 : Close
  • Zoom remains open for Social time until ~18:00

Share the event

Do you want to share the event with your colleagues/friends? Here are a few texts that you can reuse, feel also free to modify them as you like.

Short teaser

Nordic-RSE invites everyone interested in "Research Software Engineering" activities to join & shape the agenda of the Nordic-RSE unconference (lightweight get-together) on October 18-19. See for more details.

Longer teaser

  • Are you developing software or tools that are driven by research/engineering in either academia or industry?
  • Need to network, share knowledge and experiences with your peers?
  • Maybe you have heard of something called research software engineers and you would like to know more?

Nordic-RSE invites everyone interested in such topics to join our online unconference (lightweight get-together) on October 18 and 19, where we let the participants shape the agenda ("birds of a feather").

Next, the floor is yours! Come sharing your work and/or listening what others have been doing. Submit proposals and find out more at: