Nordic-RSE in person conference 2024 #NordicRSEconf

May 30-31, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland

Abstract call and registrations are now open!

(NEW DATE) Submit your contribution by April 5th 2024

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What is it?

Do you enjoy talking software? Learning tricks about your favorite programming languages? Solving interesting coding problems? Sharing your experiences with other likeminded people? Welcome to the first ever Nordic RSE in person conference! We believe you might really like it here.

We are an association of professionals developing and using software for the needs of research. As such we aim to create a community of researchers, engineers, developers, digital experts and more, to talk about topics that are often overlooked in classical academic conferences. The focus of our conference is not on results of research, but rather on the tools that underlie those results. Additionally, we hope to foster a rich network of exchanges and conversations surrounding the practices of software development in research.

Most research is already built on a foundation of sofware tools and the quality and reliability of those tools is key to producing reliable results. And the importance of software keeps growing. In this conference we want to talk about what pipelines you develop and use for your research, and how you use it, the software you develop, and how you got about developing it.


On the campus of Aalto University in Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland (note: the address is Konemiehentie 1, Espoo, but Google doesn't direct you to the right building if you enter this address. See practical info).

How you can help

  • Submit a contribution! In line with our previous online unconferences, our meetings are driven by our participants! What do you want to talk about?
  • Encourage your colleagues to submit a contribution and/or join our association. Since the term RSE is still fairly new, they might not know about it yet and be hesitant to submit something.
  • Share the announcement with others.
  • Do you want to volunteer and help us run our first in person conference? Join us or get in touch with us!

Call for Contributions

We invite you to submit contributions by April 5th, on any topics related to research software. Whether you are using it or developing it yourself, we are interested in your experience and expertise. Topics are divided roughly into 3 sessions, "Best Practices", "Technical" and "Soft Skills". But don't let this limit you, many topics are welcome. Just submit your idea and we can discuss and find a spot for it!

All formats of communication are welcome (or check what we have done in the unconference):

  • Discussion topics (15-20 minutes): is software, research software community or research software engineering something close to your heart? Come chat with other enthusiasts!
  • Demonstrations: show us some tools or software that you like
  • Workshops or ReproHacks (max 3 hours in a day)
  • Talks (20 minutes including 5 min questions): teach us something new
  • On-going projects: share something unfinished or almost working that you would like to get feedback on
  • Something else: is there something you would like to share that does not fit any of the previous points? We are looking forward to hearing about it!

The open (or 'unconference') session will include on day contributions, topics that arise during the conference.

And of course we will all follow a Code of Conduct.


The schedule is subject to change until the submitted contributions are reviewed.

Day 1: 2024-5-30

All times are EET (convert to local time)

  • 9:00 - 13:00 : Informal get-together on campus, group activities.
  • 13:00 - 14:00 : Lunch
  • 14:40 - 17:30 : Conference sessions
  • 19:00 - 20:30 : Dinner
  • 20:30 - xx:xx : Sauna

Day 2: 2024-5-31

All times are EET (convert to local time)

  • 9:00 - 11:00 : Conference sessions
  • 12:00 - 13:00 : Lunch
  • 13.00 - 17:00 : Conference sessions


We thank the Software Sustainability Institute for funding our conference.

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Practical information

You can see all locations on this map.


Main venue: Aalto University, Konemiehentie 1, Espoo, Finland.

Thursday morning, before noon: "Top Lounge", Otakaari 1, Espoo, Finland (building name: Undergraduate Center). You need a keycard to enter this area, see "Arrival info" (and check back for updates).

Lunches are in the campus area, a short walk to other buildings.

All areas have step-free access.

See full screen


Registration includes both lunches, snacks, and coffee, and all activities. It doesn't include dinner, which has to be self-paid. Depending on sponsorship, prices and/or included perks may be updated.

There is an evening sauna, but space is limited to ~25 people. The first registrants get priority and spots will be allocated later.

The registration fee is 50€. You can register at this link.

Financial support

Nordic-RSE strives to be an inclusive and supportive community. If you would like to attend the event, but find yourself unable for economical reasons, contact us at to ask about financial support. While we cannot offer travel grants, we might be able to offer small financial aid, e.g. in the form of a ticket waiver.

To apply for financial support, include in the email the following information:

  • why you would like to attend the event
  • how attending would benefit you and your career
  • what you would need to be able to attend

Note that decisions will be made individually on a per-case basis.

Arrival time

tldr: Arrive before 13:00 on Thursday for lunch and the main sessions. Come to the informal session as soon as you arrive. Arrive Wednesday evening, or very early Thursday for the informal session.

If you arrive before or during Thursday morning, we have a informal session before noon, which may include demonstrations, social activities, hack time, getting to know each other, or more. If you arrive before 13:00, you can join us for lunch. Talks begin at 14:00.

If you arrive Wednesday evening, some organizers will be around and we'll try to arrange some activity together.

Finding our buildings/rooms

Thursday morning: Go to the "Aalto University Undergraduate Center" (it's a very large building in the center of campus). This OpenStreetMap marker is precisely where you need to go for the stairs/elevator. Take the stairs to the 5th floor and knock on the stairway doors for us to let you in. Turn right, we are behind the double glass doors. (There is an elevator right there but it needs a keycard. Ask someone to let you up to go to the "Top Lounge"). You will receive a phone number to request help.

Thursday morning: view Larger Map

Thursday afternoon/Friday: Konemiehentie 1, Espoo, Finland. The building called "Kide" but most people don't know that name). All rooms are right in the lobby area. (The building is new, if you enter "Konemiehentie 1" into Google Maps it will send you to a neighboring building). Google maps, OpenStreetMap (more accurate for navigating), Coordinates: 60.1865, 24.8227.

Main venue: view Larger Map

Other activities

Our plan includes lunches, conference dinner, sauna.

Wikivoyage Helsinki is usually pretty accurate and has information about the area and other sights to see.


There are various hotels within easy walking distance. We don't have any particular discounts. "Radison Blu Otaniemi" is the default location for university visitors. Other hotels in Helsinki downtown are fine also, the metro trip is 11 minutes (and costs ~3 euros).


tldr: Aalto University is at the "Aalto University" metro stop. An "ABC" ticket manages the train from airport AND metro (and trams, busses, etc).

Air: Helsinki Airport. Between the airport and Aalto University, plan for max 1.5 hours (less than one hour is possible if you are efficient). From the airport, follow signs to the train station. Buy a ticket for zones ABC, this will get you all the way to the university (see public transport). Take the first train that comes (either way gets to downtown in about the same time). Walk to the main station and down to the metro station. Take a metro to the stop Aalto University (direction Tapiola or Kivenlahti), then continue in section "public transport"

Ferry: From Tallinn or Stockholm, there are ferries. Expect well under an hour to get from the ferry harbors to Aalto University. Take trams to the metro, but from each harbor walking to the metro is reasonable (not too far and nice walks). (Some attendees are also attending the Nordic e-infrastructure Conference in Tallinn on 27-29 May, they will be taking ferries from Tallinn the evening of 29 May. More info to be announced)

Bus, Train, etc. within Finland: You probably know how to get to the center of Helsinki. Follow public transit below.

Private vehicle: There isn't free parking, but there are paid lots around.

Public transport: The public transport system is good and easy to use. The metro stop name is "Aalto University", and the A entrance may be slightly easier to use. Tickets can be bought at ticket machines, or via the "HSL App". Aalto University is in the zone B, downtown is in the zone A, the airport in zone C, and tickets last a bit more than an hour and work on any public bus, train, metro, or tram (and as many transfers as you need). AB zone tickets cost 2.95€.

If coming from airport: use single tickets, day tickets not worth it even with one extra trip to/from downtown.