Nordic-RSE meetings

We meet virtually for the following occasions:

Virtual coffee break - weekly

RSE Finland invites

Community discussions - biweekly

We meet every other week to discuss the development of Nordic RSE and plan upcoming events. The meeting is on Thursday at 14 CET/CEST (15 EET/EEST) on each even week. The agenda for the next meeting and the minutes of previous meetings are kept on HackMD.

See the agenda for connection details.

Taskforce meetings - randomly

Once in a while we have larger projects that would be too much to discuss in the community meetings. Then we form taskforces that meet separately. Lately we for example formed taskforces on the topics of website redesign and organization of the Research Software Seminar Series.

Boardmeeting - when needed

The board of the association meets when required. The board handles necessary official actions, paperwork and budgeting. The board also officially represents the association.

Association meeting - yearly

Once every year all members of the Nordic RSE association are invited to the annual meeting. The annual meeting chooses the board and other officials, and decides the annual membership fee. The annual meeting may also decide other matters, but these will be introduced in the invitation.

The next Nordic-RSE annual meeting will be October 20 2022 at 14:00 -- 15:30 CEST. Agenda and connection details on hackmd