Research Software Seminar Series

Are you developing software or tools that are driven by research/engineering in either academia or industry? Do you need to network, share knowledge and experiences with your peers? Then you came to the right page: Nordic-RSE invites everyone interested to participate in Research Software Seminar Series:


The series will start out as a monthly event in August 2021. The time for each seminar will be set by the speaker. We are inviting everyone to suggest topics and/or speakers for this series (link coming soon).

To kick off the event some of our members will introduce you to their work at Nordic universities.


As an example, events can be 60 min (40+20 discussion) or 30 min (15+15 discussion). Events could be talks, demos, discussion, debates, and so on. Events are hosted with HackMD for public asynchronous discussion. We will provide mentoring for speakers.

We would like this series to be an informal space also for exchanging ideas and experiences, learning something new, and networking with people of the same interest group. You do not have to be a Research Software Engineer or a Researcher or a Software Engineer nor do you have to be in or be related to the Nordics. Everyone interested in RSE activities is welcome and encouraged to participate!

The Nordic-RSE team will provide support and infrastructure.

Upcoming seminars

We will publish upcoming seminar topics and abstracts here as soon as they are confirmed.

2021-09-14: Combining Rust and Python: Why and How?

Past seminars

We will publish past seminar topics and their recordings here as soon as they are available.

2021-08-18: Package development in Julia

Julia is constantly gaining popularity both in academia and industry and it is thus an appealing programming language for research software engineers. This session will be a hands-on tutorial, which will cover the typical package development workflow in Julia. Topics covered include

  • Creating a package from scratch
  • Contributing to existing packages
  • Tools to test and debug your packages
  • Tools to document your packages

Moreover, Luca will share tips and tricks that have helped him making his workflow more efficient and hopefully will help you too. The workshop will involve a lot of live coding and you are encouraged to follow along, check the setup instructions here.